Glass Canopy [24 * 12]  - Actual Size 23 1/4 in. * 11 1/2 in.

Glass Canopy [24 * 12] - Actual Size 23 1/4 in. * 11 1/2 in.

Brief Description: These Perfecto Glass canopies are excellent for either salt or freshwater tanks. They reduce evaporation, prolong the life of your lighting fixtures by protecting them from moisture, and keep fish from jumping out. They are hinged for easy access and feature a plastic strip along the back, which can be cut out for power filters and other aquarium equipment.
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Price: $29.26 - - Additional Shipping Item

  • All covers come with handle(s) and a back plastic strip.

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I got this Item and it was a smaller size than what is said it was on the box so it didnt fit my 24in Aquarium. I returned it and didnt get a full refund what i got was part refund and maybe some store credit. MOPS be totally honest here. Regardless of the size, it would never have fit the customers tank in the first place. He was given a full credit for the canopy and we gave him a store credit for the shipping we paid on his behalf.

Rated by Paulo Goncalves
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