Perfecto Glass Canopy [48 * 13]  - For actual size, see below.

Perfecto Glass Canopy [48 * 13] - For actual size, see below.

Brief Description: These Perfecto Glass canopies are excellent for either salt or freshwater tanks. They reduce evaporation, prolong the life of your lighting fixtures by protecting them from moisture, and keep fish from jumping out. They come in 2 sections measuring 23" * 11 1/2" each to fit tanks with a center brace, are hinged for easy access and feature a plastic strip along the back, which can be cut out for power filters and other aquarium equipment.
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Protect equipment, livestock and aquarium aesthetics with Marineland Glass Canopies. Budget-friendly glass canopies provide splash protection for light fixtures and electrical components while keeping valuable fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Glass Canopies reduce evaporation and allow the maximum amount of light to pass into your aquarium. The result is beautifully illuminated AND properly filled aquariums without unsightly hard water lines.

Marineland Glass Canopies feature polypropylene hinges that are long wearing, easy to open and fold completely back to make feeding time simple. Removable plastic back strips allow easy customization to fit heaters, filters and other aquarium accessories. Perfect for tropical or saltwater aquariums.

Includes hinge, handle, and back plastic strip. The plastic back strip adds approximately 1-1/2" inches to the length.

Canopy SizeFits TanksWidth
Left to Right
Front to Back
16" 5-1/2 gallon15-11/32"7-15/32"
20"10 gallon19-1/4"8-23/32"
24"15 gallon / 20H23"11-11/32"
30"20L / 29 gallon29-5/32"11-11/32"
36"30 gallon / 40H35-3/16"11-13/32"
48"55 / 60 gallon22-31/32" (2 pieces)11-5/32" (2 pieces)
36" x 18"50 & 65 gallon16-7/8"(2 pieces)16-19/32"(2 pieces)
48" x 18"70, 75, 90 & 110 gallon22-3/4"W (2 pieces)16-1/2" (2 pieces)

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Exactly what I ordered well packed and a lot cheaper than I could buy local highly recommend and would do business again.

Rated by ron r. from quispamsis

I purchased this as a replacement for my double canopy-style hoods that had LED lights that were broken. The cost to the replace the lights would have been more than it was worth, so I chose to go with the glass top and purchased a light bar to go across the top. I love the glass. They fit nicely on my 55 gallon tank with middle separator. They are really easy to remove for cleaning, and the sections I had to cut for the filter tubing and such was very simple with a plain box cutter style knife. I noticed that my water levels are significantly more stable, because I lose next to nothing from evaporation.

Rated by Nancy Martin

Great canopy. Glass is 3 mm thick. Each glass panel is about 4.5" wide with pairs of panels joined by a hinge. The plastic back extension reaches about 2" beyond the glass. Total width from back of plastic extension to front glass is 11.25". Hence, the two glass panels with hinge are about 9.25" wide, the plastic extension on the back adds 2" and the advertised 13" assumes about a 2" gap at the back for equipment. Installed on a rimless aquarium using stainless steel glass cover support clips that slip over the sides of the aquarium and provide a short ledge to support the glass. Used same clips to install a centre support. I used this to replace a plastic canopy hood with built in lights after the lights became unusable from corrosion. Comes with two plastic handles to lift the two sides of the lid, which attach using double sided tape. I would buy again if I needed another one.

Rated by Richard N. from Deep River
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