Power Center - 8 outlet with 4 on a timer

Power Center - 8 outlet with 4 on a timer

Brief Description: 8-Outlet Timer/Power Strip. Features 4 timer-controlled outlets and 4 constant-power outlets. Great for switching water pumps to create tidal-flow currents.
  • Product No. LICL-01690 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $49.99

  • 8-Outlet Timer/Power Strip

  • 4 timer-controlled outlets

  • 4 constant-power outlets

  • 24 hour mechanical timer

  • 15 minute setting intervals

  • Great for switching water pumps

  • Alternate day-night cycle timer

  • Master on/off control switch

  • 3-foot heavy duty power cord

  • Sliding outlet safety covers

  • 3-prong grounded plug and outlets

  • 15 amp/120 volt (1875 watts max.) circuit breaker

  • UL listed

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