Aqualog Special - Brackish-Water Fishes

Aqualog Special - Brackish-Water Fishes

Brief Description: This book fills a gap in the aquarium literature, as it is devoted exclusively to the subject of the brackish-water aquarium. It portrays in depth the special characteristics of the brackish-water zones of our planet, describes the equipment required to run a brackish-water aquarium, and details how such an aquarium should be set up and maintained. Considerable emphasis is placed on the description of fish species that are suited to maintenance in a brackish-water aquarium. Not only are the classic brackish-water fishes such as scats, monos, archerfishes and puffers covered in detail, but many other beautiful, interesting, or bizarre species are presented as well. In addition, mention is also made of those fish species that, because of misidentification or incorrect information, are often classified as brackish-water fishes when in fact they are not.
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