MarineLand Polishing Pad for C-360 [2pk] 1MarineLand Polishing Pad for C-360 [2pk] 2

MarineLand Polishing Pad for C-360 [2pk]

Brief Description: Replacement polishing pads for the Marineland Canister 360 filter take out fine particulate matter from aquarium water and provide surface area for bacterial colonization.
  • Product No. FCMA-PA11482 - In Stock
Price: $8.98

  • Polishing filter pads for Marineland Canister 360 screens out fine particulate dirt and debris from aquarium water.

  • Also provides a surface for bacterial colonization.

  • Note: Aquarium water is drawn into the canister and through a succession of stacked media trays for full contact filtration with virtually no bypass. When it’s time to service your C-Series canister filter, all you do is push a lever, turn the key, and lift out the easy-access media trays.

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