Float Switch Sensor

Float Switch Sensor

Brief Description: The liquid level float switch is a popular technique in water level applications. Great for aquarium top-off, humidification/de-humidification, hydroponics projects, water features and air conditioning drain pan applications. Features all plastic (polypropylene) mini float switch and the 48 inch leads (22 gauge wire) offer great project flexibility. Includes nut and sealing o-ring. Fully submersible.
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The liquid level Float Switch is a popular technique in water level applications

* All plastic (polypropylene) mini float switch
* 48 inch leads (22 gauge wire) offer great project flexibility
* Includes nut and sealing o-ring
* Fully submersible

Great for:
* aquarium top-off applications
* humidification/de-humidification applications
* hydroponics projects
* water features
* air conditioning drain pan applications

* max wattage: 70W. Beware spiking voltage from pumps rated less
* max switching voltage: 300VAC
* max temperature: 90 degrees C / 194 degrees F
* normally closed: - The wires complete a circuit when the float is down. You can reverse the operation by removing the clip, turning the float upside down and replacing the clip.

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