Ammo-Lock [473 mL]

Ammo-Lock [473 mL]

Brief Description: Works instantly to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines. Eliminates stress and protects healthy gill function.
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  • A patented water conditioner that works instantly, in both fresh and saltwater, to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines. Locks up ammonia in a non-toxic form until it can be broken down by the tank's natural biological filter. Eliminates fish stress and promotes healthy gill function.

  • Extensive research and field testing has shown Ammo-Lock to be non-toxic to fresh and saltwater fish and sensitive invertebrates such as coral, anemones, and sponges. Freshwater plants and marine macroalgae are not harmed by Ammo-Lock. Ammo-Lock has a neutral pH (7.0-7.2). Filtration with activated carbon, zeolite, or ozone does not affect the properties of Ammo-Lock.

  • This product is so unique and effective that it carries a U.S. Patent No. 5,082,573.

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