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Emperor 400 with BIO-Wheel

Brief Description: Emperor BIO-Wheel power filter systems clean aquarium water through mechanical, chemical and biological filtration media that removes debris, water impurities and dangerous toxins. This continuous, three stage filtration process is driven by a revolutionary dual impeller design. The main impeller drives water directly to and through the mechanical and chemical filtration stages. The secondary impeller then pressurizes the filtered water through the spray bars, powering the BIO-Wheels for optimum biological filtration.
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  • Redesigned models feature BIO-Wheel filtration, refillable coarse media containers and an easy-access, hang-on design with a flip-top hinged cover and an epoxy-sealed, moisture-proof motor. Filter body and components are made of durable, molded plastic.

  • Includes an Intake Tube, Intake Extension Tube, Strainer, Mid-Level Strainer, 2 4 ounce Media Containers, 2 BIO-Wheels, 2 Rite-Size "E" Black Diamond Carbon Filter Cartridges, 2 Adjustable Spray Bars and a Cleaning Brush.

  • Certified flow rate of 400 gallons per hour.

  • For aquariums up to 80 gallons.

  • Dimensions: 16.5"W x 6.5"D x 10.5"H

Total 3-Stage Filtration Efficiency

  • Mechanical Filtration: Heavy-duty Emperor Filter Cartridges trap solid debris like dirt, uneaten food and fish waste. The double-thick polyfiber pad aids in removing large debris particles while permitting the water to pass through for chemical and biological filtration.

  • Chemical Filtration: Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon is packed inside each filter cartridge to remove odor, discoloration and water impurities. Maximum water to carbon contact is obtained via the patented ribbed back of each filter cartridge. Fill the included two refillable four ounce media containers with your favorite coarse media for added chemical filtration. Note: Fine media must be placed in a mesh bag inside of the refillable media containers to avoid leakage into the aquarium system.

  • Biological Filtration: The most critical kind of aquarium filtration is obtained by the two large, patented BIO-Wheels which encourage the growth of beneficial, oxygen-breathing bacteria. This bacteria helps eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite that accumulate in aquarium water. The bacteria culture biologically changes the ammonia and nitrite into nitrate which is then removed with monthly partial water changes.

Adjustable Filter Regulators

  • Spray Bar Drive: Simple, twist-adjust bar regulates BIO-Wheel rotation speed for maximum biological filtration. Controlling the amount of BIO-Wheel spin ensures the beneficial bacteria that grows on each pleat of the BIO-Wheel get adequate contact with both the aquarium water and the surrounding air/atmosphere. It also controls how fast or slow the filter pulls water out of the tank and through the three-stage filtration process.

  • Intake Tube Extension: Designed to easily slip-on to the intake tube for the filtering of water from deep within a larger tank. With this extension in place, the filter strainer is located nearer to the gravel line of the aquarium to pull water ripe with settling debris, fish and food waste. Having water that is pulled from the bottom of the tank that then runs through the multi-stage filter and returned to the top water level of the tank, creates the necessary, natural cycling of water beneficial to both aquarium plants and animals.

  • Mid-Level Intake Strainer: Also designed to easily slip-on to, and act as a coupler between, the intake tube and Intake Extension Tube. This mid-level strainer ensures mid and high-level water quality isn't sacrificed when the Strainer is attached to the Intake Extension Tube and set deep in a larger tank. The Mid-Level Strainer features a notched flow adjustment valve to both regulate intake flow and let water near the top of the tank also enter the multi-stage filter process. Filtering water from the higher levels of the tank where medications, food particles and descending debris is good tank husbandry. By allowing water from all tank levels access to the multi-stage filtering process at the same time, the BIO-Wheel filter aids in the natural mixing of tank water. This water mixing is essential to good water quality that helps regulate water temperature and oxygenation levels, while also preventing the pooling of high toxin levels and chemical tank maintenance additives within one level of the tank.

  • Media Containers and Filter Cartridge Expansion Slots: Pre-formed slots throughout the four filter chambers allows for the addition of as little or as much mechanical and chemical filtration as needed to suit the needs of the aquarium system. Each included media container (the 400 includes two) holds 4 ounces of your preferred coarse media to target the removal of specific high level chemical toxins or nutrients within the aquarium.

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