Aquarium Corals [Hardcover]

Aquarium Corals [Hardcover]

Brief Description: A landmark book for every serious reef aquarist, with more than 700 colour photographs and all-new information on keeping stony corals, soft corals, zoanthids, corallimorphs, gorgonians, and lace corals.
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Eric Borneman offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and fully illustrated guide to appropriate aquarium species, including a diversity of soft corals, as well as popular and rare large-polyp and small-polyp stony corals. More than 700 world-class photographs and text reviewed by leading coral biologists and coral keepers guides the reader through the selection and husbandry of hundreds of species. Includes a foreword by the preeminent coral biologist Dr. J.E.N. Veron, author of Corals in Space & Timeand Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific. 464 pages, hard cover.

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