NovAqua Plus [473 mL]

NovAqua Plus [473 mL]

Brief Description: NovAqua Plus will help protect the health of both fishes and invertebrates by inhibiting viruses and harmful bacteria, and by providing an immune system booster and a protective body slime replacer. In addition, it adds electrolytes needed for proper osmotic balance, and detoxifies tapwater by removing all chlorine, balancing alkalinity, and helping stabilize water pH.
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  • Provides a protective skin slime.

  • Contains organic immune health aids.

  • Adds electrolytes and vitamins.

  • Provides an organic virus inhibitor.

  • Removes chlorine & toxic metals.

  • Breaks down chloramines.

  • Balances alkalinity and helps stabilize water pH.

  • Will not harm plants, beneficial bacteria or biological filters.

  • Contains no phosphates.

  • Will not contaminate ground or waste water.

  • This bottle treats approx. 3,600 liters.

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