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Tunze Osmolator Universal Top-Off System

Brief Description: Water level regulator with two sensors suitable for use in cabinet filters, in Comline filters or directly on the edge of the aquarium.
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High-tech, for a reliable water level in the aquarium

In 1985 Tunze® invented the automatic refill system for aquariums. Some people regarded this invention as a useless accessory....but they forgot something very important: sensitive aquarium animals need a constant osmotic pressure within their cells. The Osmolator® (osmotic regulator) is very easy to install and provides its complete functionality in a single compact unit. Only the Osmolator® is able to provide you with the necessary security and reliability, since it is based on the vast experience that Tunze has been able to gather throughout the course of many years.
  • An optical mini sensor recognizes the water level precisely.
  • The 5017 displays all functions optically and sounds an alarm in case of failures.
  • New Magnetic Sensor mount, so easy to use!
  • Redundant security: the main sensor is a proprietary optic sensor. Should that fail a safety float switch shuts the unit off and sounds an alarm. Even if that fails safety circuitry shuts off the pump after 10 minutes.
The Osmolator® will be supplied with low voltage pump, mounting magnets, tubing controller and power supply. You only need a reservoir and water!

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