Multi controller 7095
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Multi controller 7095

Brief Description: Digital control unit that includes four connecting cables and a photo-electric cell, permitting a near-natural current control with up to four Turbelle electronic pumps.
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  • General Information

    • A digital control unit for all Turbelle pumps fitted with driver 7240.26 and 7240.27 operating on safety extra-low voltage.

    • It simulates the various marine current conditions in the aquarium and is suitable for use with Turbelle 7200/2, 7300/2, 7400/2, 6000, 6100, 6200. By means of the pump adapter 7094.40, Turbelle classic 2002, 4002 can also be controlled.

    • The clearly arranged operating panel with a waterproof membrane keypad and adjusting knobs ensures a precise and practice-oriented operation.

    • The output of the controlled pumps is shown by an LED display indicating from 30 to 100 per cent.

    • Includes four connecting cables 7092.30 and a photo-electric cell, permitting a near-natural current control with up to four Turbelle electronic pumps.

    • Y adapter 7092.34 (not included) can be used to connect up to eight Turbelle electronic pumps which are controlled in pairs.

  • Features

    • Simple washing of waves: By setting the pump capacity and by adjusting the pulse time, big and small waves can be produced like in natural wave conditions.

    • Sequential pump circuit: The four pumps are started up one after each other, which produces a swelling current. The time to the next pulse can be set.

    • Chance flow: Generated by wave simulation and sequential pump circuit. In some reef zones (surf), this combination is important.

    • Simulation of tidal currents: The pump channels 1 and 2 are switched on or off alternately. The water flows through the reef from both sides at an adjustable switching time of up to 12 hours.

    • Operation in night mode: The photo-electric cells can be used to lower the pumping power during the night. Like in a reef, small animals and plankton can rise in the aquarium to take the habitat of diurnal animals.

    • Foodtimer: By the push of a button, the pump can be stopped during feeding. After eight to ten minutes, the system is started again automatically.

    • Moonlight: Moon simulation in reef aquariums with white LED light, adjustable to a moon phase of 29 days.

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