SCWD - 3/4 in. Switching Current Water Director WaveMaker
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SCWD - 3/4 in. Switching Current Water Director WaveMaker

Brief Description: Make Waves, Save Energy! Using an existing return or circulation pump the SCWD switches or alternates water in two or more directions, depending on set up. The patent-pending device, which requires no electricity, directs water between two outlet ports at varying intervals. The higher the volume of water flowing through the SCWD, the faster the switching response.
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  • The SCWD (pronounced "squid") is a revolutionary device, designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable servcie. Clearly the most efficient wave maker on the market, coupled with unique and patent pending free-flow, low back-pressure features, this compact product is the best mechanical current generating device available on the market today.

  • This unit has been tested and is approved for use with pump applications not to exceed 1400 GPH and a maximum of 5 PSI, with a minimum rating of not less than 50 GPH.

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