1 1/2 in. Swing Type Check Valve [Slip X Slip] - 1 ONLY!
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1 1/2 in. Swing Type Check Valve [Slip X Slip] - 1 ONLY!

Brief Description: Swing Type Check Valve - 1 1/2" Clear PVC Socketed Swing Check Valve. Slip x Slip Designed to be used any place where you want to stop backflow and siphoning.
  • Product No. BHCH-CV15S - In Stock
Price: $49.99 $10.00

These are among the highest quality check valves to be found. Relative to other types and manufacturers of check valves, there is minimal pressure loss.
  • No Metallic parts, corrosion resistant

  • Full Flow design

  • Angle seat and weighted flapper design for low pressure seal

  • PVC weighted and shielded flapper will retain backpressure up to 125 PSI

  • Ideal for close working areas, easy pipe alignment

  • Designed for both horizontal and vertical usage

  • Pressure rated 125 PSI @ 72ºF tension

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