CO2 Reactor 1000
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CO2 Reactor 1000

Brief Description: A hermetically sealed reactor for the introduction of CO2 into large live plant systems.
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  • This powerful unit is designed to efficiently dissolve rising CO2 bubbles in strong counter-current water flow.

  • The robust mounting plate enables it to be easily mounted outside the aquarium or inside the cabinet.

  • The Reactor 1000 has proven to be a capable favorite among keepers of sizeable live plant systems.

  • For planted aquariums up to 500 gallons.

  • Installed Dimensions: 3.5"W x 14"H x 4.5"D (depth).

  • Reaction Chamber Dimensions: 3.25"D (diameter) x 10.5"L.

  • Volume: 0.375 gallons.

  • Maximum flow: 250 gallons per hour.

  • Hose Connections: 1/2" Inlet and Outlet.

  • CO2 Inlet: 1/4" OD.

  • Always use a GFI when installing your internal pump system.

  • Always create a drip-loop with the power cord to prevent water from reaching electrical outlets.

  • Use a pH Controller or pH Computer to switch an M-Ventil Solenoid, which will regulate the injection of CO2 to the aquarium based on the pH value of the system water. This eliminates harmful pH swings and offers an essential element of stability to the live plant aquarium. Typically you will set the pH value between 7.0 - 7.4 for freshwater live plant aquaria.

  • Use the needle valve on the CO2 Regulator and a Bubble Counter to set your initial CO2 bubble count and adjust thereafter.

  • Includes a handy "false gas" valve to temporarily allow air to escape during filling.

  • The sturdy mounting plate can span up to a 1.5" tank trim width.

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