Biocube UV Sterilizer

Biocube UV Sterilizer

Brief Description: Oceanic's Low-Voltage 5 Watt UV Sterilizer will clarify your water and limit the spread of bacteria and parasites between tank inhabitants. This innovative design will fit neatly behind the Biocube filtration partition, in-between the Biocube return pump and return nozzle. You won't see the sterilizer, but you will certainly see the fantastic results!
  • Product No. UVCL-36011 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $117.27

  • Fits BioCube Sizes 14 and 29.

  • Kills free-floating algae, parasites and harmful bacteria.

  • Low-Voltage ballast and 5 watt bulb ideal for small aquariums.

  • Designed to fit insde the aquarium - Sterilizer attaches directly to built-in BioCube pump for easy setup and use.

Tubing Size Connections: 1/2" or 12mm I.D. tubing

Recommended Pump Flow Rate: Not to exceed 300 G.P.H.

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