MaxCap Mixed-Bed Deionization [DI] Cartridge

MaxCap Mixed-Bed Deionization [DI] Cartridge

Brief Description: The revolutionary MaxCap DI ™ cartridge has over 3 times more capacity than any other Mixed-Bed or Hi-Silica removal deionizing cartridge. When placed upstream of your existing DI cartridge, the life of your downstream DI will increase by nine times or more! This incredible break-through in DI cartridge technology will reduce your costs to produce DI water by over 50%.
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In many applications, the MaxCap DI™ can be used as a “roughing” cartridge when installed up-stream of a Mixed-Bed or Hi-Silica removal cartridge. For example, if the RO water entering the Max Cap DI™ has 25 ppm TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), the original DI cartridge may process about 200 gallons of pure DI water. By placing a MaxCap DI™ cartridge in front of the original cartridge 600 gallons of water will pass through both cartridges before the Max Cap DI™ is exhausted. The original DI cartridge will be only one-third exhausted. A second Max Cap DI™ will process another 600 gallons and the original cartridge will now be two-thirds exhausted. Only after a third Max Cap DI™ cartridge processes another 600 gallons will the original cartridge finally become fully exhausted. This example illustrates that three Max Cap DI™ cartridges plus the original mixed-bed cartridge will process 1800 gallons of pure DI water. It would have taken nine original mixed-bed cartridges to produce the same amount of pure DI water.

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