AmmoniaSafe [8 Tablets]

AmmoniaSafe [8 Tablets]

Brief Description: AmmoniaSafe Tablets are a one-step water conditioner that provides superior relief to fish suffering from high ammonia conditions.
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Fish release ammonia as a natural by-product of protein metabolism - eating. Various situations can result in high ammonia levels - overstocking, feeding too heavily, or inadequate filtration. AmmoniaSafe can be used to help alleviate these conditions, in addition to a partial water change.

For use in freshwater aquariums, this one-step water conditioner alleviates high levels of dangerous ammonia, keeping your aquarium safe and healthy for your aquatic pets. The solution works in seconds and provides long-lasting protection, and the fast-dissolving tablets are easy to use.

  • For use in freshwater aquariums

  • Detoxifies high levels of ammonia in aquarium water

  • Fast-dissolving, premeasured tablets make caring for your aquarium fast and convenient

  • Safe for use around aquarium plants

  • Add 1 tablet to each 10 gal.

  • Provides lasting protection and works in seconds

  • Made in the USA

Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only. Not for use on food fish.

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