Float Valve Auto Top Off

Float Valve Auto Top Off

Brief Description: This Float Valve can be either hung on the side of a sump or attach through a drilled hole in the side of your sump. The hand crafted acrylic hang-on frame allows for easy adjustment of the water level. The small compact float valve allows you to place it in tight locations.
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Price: $52.99

  • Easy-to-install float valve for aquarium auto top off systems

  • Attach to a water source and install on your aquarium sump

  • Create an auto top off system that maintains aquarium water level

Aquarium float valve kit offers a simple solution to maintain proper water level. Use the Eshopps Float Valve as part of an automatic top-off system you create to replenish aquarium water lost through evaporation. Adjustable acrylic mounting frame allows a full 6 inch range of water level adjustment for versatile installation options. Features nylon screws (no metal parts) for corrosion- and rust-free use. Includes 3-1/2" x 2" dia Float, Valve Assembly, 1-5/8" x 1-5/8"x 7" high acrylic mounting frame, and a 7 foot length of 1/4" tubing that attaches to your water source.

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