Hikari BIO-PURE Bloodworms [16 oz] - PICK UP ITEM ONLY

Hikari BIO-PURE Bloodworms [16 oz] - PICK UP ITEM ONLY

Brief Description: An Excellent Diet For All Types Of Tropical Fish - Especially Discus, Eels, and Bettas
  • Product No. FOHI-30240 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $18.70

Key Benefits

3 Step Sterilized
  • Free of harmful bacteria
  • Free of harmful parasites
  • Free of foul odors
Bio-Encapsulated With Multi-Vitamins
  • Vitamins in the animal not the water
  • Similar to gut loading
  • Guarantees your pet gets the vitamins
  • Provides maximum nutrition for your fish

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