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MaxSpect Razor 130W 15K LED Fixture

Brief Description: Built with a slim and low profile body, the R420R LED Lighting System is designed to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance. 100% passively cooled, utilizing highly efficient high intensity LED chips from Cree, and capable of out-performing most metal halide fixtures at a fraction of the operating cost, the Razor redefines the term efficiency. The R420R comes with both a pendant mounting suspension kit as well as a tank-top mounting frame so you can mount it anyway you like.
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Cree XLamp® XT-E and XP-E LED chipsLatest in LED Technology

Utilizing the latest high performance high intensity Cree XLamp® XT-E and XP-E LED chips, equipped with 90° degrees optics, the R420r will consume less power yet producing more PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) for even your most demanding corals.

PAR Measurement

PAR measurement of a standard 160w R420r LED Lighting System.
PAR Chart

Photo-period Profile

With 6 Time-Points, users can program their own photo-period and fully control the intensity of light their aquarium will receive from dawn to dusk.
Programmable Graft


The R420r Lighting system is designed to be primarily cooled passively, the body of the R420r is crafted entirely in aluminum, serving as a large heat sink, together with an ingenious aerodynamic design, cool air is channeled through the bottom of the fixture and heat will be dissipated through the aluminum chassis. With a built-in temperature controlled system, active cooling will be engaged as needed to ensure optimized performance.

The R420r LED system utilize the latest in LED technology, including Cree XT-E and XP-E high intensity LED chips distributed in 2 different channels, offering unmatched performance and versatility.

LED Layout of each Pad (Total 3 Pads for 160w, 2 Pads for 120w)

LED Layout 16K

LED Types and Color Spectrum

LED Layout Types 16K

120w Model520mm × 265mm x 25mm (20.5” x 10” x 0.9”)
160w Model690mm × 265mm x 25mm (27” x 10” x 0.9”)
300w Model1,152.75mm × 265mm x 25mm (43.5” x 10” x 0.9”)

Vivid Color Spectrum

Photosynthesis is vital to almost all corals and plants on the planet, but they do not just need any kind of light, instead they require light in a specific ranges of spectrum in order to survive and thrive, namely the wavelengths that Chlorophyll A and Chlorophyll B require, as illustrated in the diagram to the left, since they are the two most dominant forms of Chlorophyll found in corals and plants.

Chlorophyll Color Chart

Enhanced Growth and Coloration

The R420R Lighting system is designed to provide all ranges of color spectrum required by corals and plants to enhance their growth rate, improve their coloration and at the same time giving your aquarium the most aesthetically pleasing combination of colors.

Comes in three different models, the M10000 with 10000K color temperature, M16000 with 16000K color temperature, and A8000K with 8000K color temperature the R420r will meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated group of marine, reef and freshwater hobbyists.

Maxspect Razor 10kMaxspect Razor 16kMaxspect Razor 8k

410nm/420nm Super Actinic

The R420R Lighting system also utilizes the 410/420nm Super Actinic LED chips, the spectrum that’s crucial for the success of any reef and water plant aquariums as it is required by Chlorophyll A for photosynthesis, where absorption peaks at 412nm.


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