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Boyd Chemi-Pure 10 oz in Bulk [6 pk]

Brief Description: A high-grade blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resins prepackaged in a convenient, nylon filter bag.
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  • Chemi-pure is the original ion filter medium improved over the years.

  • Originally conceived and formulated for the marine aquarium, it has also proven invaluable to the more serious fresh water aquarist who desired the finest and purest water available for fish, such as Discus and African Cichlids, etc., as it removes the ammonia and other nitrogenous waste products so harmful to these and other fish.

  • Chemi-pure makes it easier to maintain crystal clear water, constant pH, lower ammonia and nitrate levels. It dramatically reduces the need for water changes in fresh and salt water.

  • Chemi-pure does not remove trace elements and is the only filter medium which aids in the natural balance of positive and negative charges, with the emphasis on the beneficial negative ion.

  • The full size unit treats up to 50 gallons.

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