Calcium Dispenser for Osmolator 5074

Calcium Dispenser for Osmolator 5074

Brief Description: The addition of calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser) is a traditional method for adding calcium to a reef aquarium. When used in conjunction with a Tunze Osmolator 5074 the Tunze Calcium Dispenser is used to dissolve, store and dispense kalkwasser allowing you to not only top up your aquarium but also add calcium at the same time.
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The addition of lime water is another method to increase the calcium in marine aquariums. The calcium hydroxide is dissolved in a separate chamber by means of the water jet of the metering pump included with the Osmolator. The calcium dispenser is fitted between the metering pump and the feed hose supplying the lime water to the aquarium in small volumes in regular intervals. The calcium dispenser can be fitted in any water storage tank and should be topped up with calcium hydroxide every one to two weeks. The calcium dispenser and the calcium reactor can be combined. An especially stable pH is achieved during the day as well as at night.

Delivery condition: Reactor, calcium hydroxide fill, holding device and connections to Osmolator, suitable for hard coral aquariums of up to approx. 1,000L (265 USgal.). Dimensions: 350 x 140mm (13.7 x 5.5 in.).

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