LED Strip Light 24-36 in. 1LED Strip Light 24-36 in. 2

LED Strip Light 24-36 in.

Brief Description: Formerly known as the Single Bright LED, this ultra-sleek freshwater lighting system is 20% brighter than its predecessor enabling it to outshine a single-tube fluorescent fixture. It features brilliant daytime and lunar lights, making it a fully functional 24 hour lighting solution.
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The Marineland LED Strip Light delivers remarkable energy-efficiency without sacrificing performance or reliability. This outstanding 24" fixture generates 351 lumens for up to 5 long years while consuming an incredibly modest 6.8 watts. This translates to a yearly operational cost of only $2.38! (figures are based on 8 hrs/day at 12ยข/kWh).

To accentuate the beauty of your aquarium and its inhabitants, the 24" LED Strip Light includes 54 daytime LEDs and 3 lunar LEDs. The crisp white daytime LEDs are dialed in at a freshwater-friendly 7,800K, and the cool blue lunars emit a 460 nm actinic light that's ideal for discreet nocturnal viewing. Both color channels produce a spectacular underwater shimmer effect for added visual appeal.

Controlling the LED Strip Light couldn't be easier thanks to an integrated 3-position rocker switch. Choose the Daytime mode to fire all 57 LEDs (white and blue), the Lunar mode to switch on the blue LEDs only, and the Off mode to completely power down the fixture.

Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, the LED Strip Light features a durable design that includes a lightweight plastic housing and polycarbonate splash guard. The housing effectively dissipates heat without the use of fans, while the splash guard protects delicate internals from potential moisture damage.

Last but not least, when it comes to installation the Marineland LED Strip Light truly shines! This versatile lighting system comes equipped with an integrated and fully adjustable mounting system that accommodates a range of aquarium sizes. This particular model can be adapted in seconds to fit aquariums ranging from 24" to 36" in width, including those featuring rimless designs.

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The LED Strip Light was perfect for my needs. Gives good lighting to my 30 gal. aquarium. Simple manual operation; two lighting modes - daylight and dusk plus on/off switch.

Rated by Christine A. from Richmond
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