1.5 in. Sump Mounting Bracket

1.5 in. Sump Mounting Bracket

Brief Description: Mounting brackets hang over the edge of your tank and allow you to attach the float switch(es) using cable ties. Brackets have a 1" nylon set screw allowing you to secure them to your tank if your tanks rim is a little smaller then the bracket size.
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Price: $13.77

2" wide, extends 9.5" into tank. Includes three zip ties and a set screw to secure to your tank.

1.5" brackets fits tank rim thicknesses 0.75-1.5". If the bracket extends x" into your sump you can set your water level to x-1".

You can attach two floats on the same bracket if your water level is 4+" down from the top of your tank. This allows space for the fail-safe switch to be mounted above the primary switch.

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