Protein Skimmer Auto Time Delay

Protein Skimmer Auto Time Delay

Brief Description: Does your protein skimmers skimmate end up back in your aquarium every time there is a power outage? Save yourself that Headache and get some peace of mind with the Reef Octopus Auto Timer Delay. It s designed to be used with internal protein skimmers to prevent them from overflowing, due to the higher water level in a power outage situation, and resulting in the contents of the collection cup being dumped back in your system. That is just plain nasty!
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Save your self the Headache with the Reef Octopus Auto Time Delay

Have peace of mind when the power goes out. In the event of a power outage most sumps will fill with water from the display and plumbing producing a higher than normal water level within the sump. This timer is designed to be used with protein skimmers to prevent it from overflowing due to the excessive water level post power outage making a mess within the system. Also great for external skimmer in preventing their pumps from running dry. Once the power is resumed the Auto Time Delay will initiate and keep the skimmer off for 5 minutes.

When the Red LED is on, Power is shut off to the skimmer

When the Green LED is on, Power is provided to the skimmer

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