Lifegard 150W Quartz Glass Heater - 12 in. 1Lifegard 150W Quartz Glass Heater - 12 in. 2

Lifegard 150W Quartz Glass Heater - 12 in.

Brief Description: Submersible Shatterproof Quartz Heater safe for Freshwater and Saltwater tanks. Easy to set thermostat features LED Power Indicator Light showing operation. 120V 60 Hz energy efficient operation.
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Quartz Glass tube, 6’ cord and suction cup mounting brackets.
Model DescriptionLengthAmpsRecommended Tank Size
50 Watt Bi-Metal Construction9.05”0.4210-20 Gallon Tanks
100 Watt Bi-Metal Construction10.44”0.8330-45 Gallon Tanks
150 Watt Bi-Metal Construction12”1.2545-65 Gallon Tanks
200 Watt Bi-Metal Construction13.19”1.6765-85 Gallon Tanks
250 Watt Bi-Metal Construction14.17”2.0885-110 Gallon Tanks
300 Watt Bi-Metal Construction15.15”2.50110-150 Gallon Tanks

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