Ammonia and pH Alerts 1 Year Combo Pack

Ammonia and pH Alerts 1 Year Combo Pack

Brief Description: The Alert Combo combines the pH Alert & the Ammonia Alert into one pack. Please note that the pH Alert is for freshwater use only. The Ammonia Alert can be used in either fresh or saltwater.
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pH Alert
  • A unique colour device designed to be placed in the aquarium or filter and monitor pH continuously.
  • A sensor changes colour reversibly to alert you to shifts in pH levels between 5.8 and 8.2.
  • No tests, no strips, just constant readings. Freshwater only.
  • Lasts 1 Year.
Ammonia Alert
  • An innovative colour device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia.
  • A sensor changes reversibly from yellow to green to blue, relative to the ammonia concentration. No test kits, chemicals, or procedures are needed. The device detects less than 0.05 mg/l (ppm) and alerts you to the NO.1 killer before any sign of stress.
  • It lasts over a year and is for Marine or Freshwater use.

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