Curve A9 Cone Skimmer with Bubble Magus DC Pump
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Curve A9 Cone Skimmer with Bubble Magus DC Pump

Brief Description: Bubble-Magus skimmers are practical and highly efficient. This series of skimmers features a NON-Controllable DC pump. With weirs to control the water flow you don't need a controllable pump to do the same thing. It is one less thing to fail and helps to keep the cost down making these A series skimmers more affordable.
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Features a super reliable Rock DC pump with the benefits of reduced power consumption and less noise!

Curve A9
Pump:Bubble-Magus Rock DSP4000 DC24V,
28W AC/DC: AC 100-240V/ 50/60Hz, DC24V,2.5A
Footprint:9.9 x 11.6 x 24 inches
Aquarium:235-400 Gallon
Max Water level: 10 inch

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