Collapsible Fish Trap [Small]

Collapsible Fish Trap [Small]

Brief Description: A Collapsible Fish Trap that you can put together and take apart when you are done. Easy to store.
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The collapsible fish trap comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). Each unit comes with an adjustable hanging and mounting bracket that can support up to 3/4" glass/acrylic panel and is compatible with rimless or euro-braced aquarium. Also included is a suspended feeding tube, to help lure unwanted fish into the trap for removal. The trap door consist of a string and lever trigger, that once the unwanted fish is inside, string is pulled and the trap door is lowered. These fish trap are fully collapsible for easy storage without taking much space until needed again.

Dimensions for the small trap are as follows:
Overall: 5.87"x 3.75"x 4.37"
Door Opening: 3.75" x3.12"
Mounting Thickness: 1.12"
Food Feeder: 3.37"

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