Aqueon Filter Cartridges [Med] [12 pk] 1Aqueon Filter Cartridges [Med] [12 pk] 2

Aqueon Filter Cartridges [Med] [12 pk]

Brief Description: Patented Aqueon dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges contain over 25% more activated carbon than the leading brands and have been designed to ensure even distribution of carbon throughout.
  • Product No. FCAQ-06418 - In Stock
Price: $39.78

  • Ready-to-use, preassembled filter cartridges install in seconds

  • Helps create crystal-clear, healthy water

  • Patented dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges filter out more particles and debris

  • Cartridges contain more activated carbon to remove toxic impurities, odors and discoloration

  • For best results replace cartridge every 4-6 weeks!

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