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Large Frag Carrier

Brief Description: Tired of damaging your corals during transport due to temperate swings or from laying on their side or even upside down? Now there is a better way to transport your frags to or from the local fish store or a frag swap.
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Meet the large frag carrier. It holds up to 8 frags in a see through water tight jar and is about 4-1/2 inches in diameter by 4 inches tall. The frags set in the frag rack which keeps them from touching any part of the container or themselves. The jar holds 32 oz of water which is plenty for getting your purchases home with out a large temperature swing or damage.

You can simply set the jar in your sump or tank when you get home to allow for temperature adjustment. The sealed jar will not let water in or out. Then simply remove the jar and place it, without the lid, in a larger bucket and begin drip acclimation. Once the drip is done you can take the jar and add a dip of your choice. You do dip your corals, don't you?

Once done simply use the handle on the frag rack and remove the rack containing your frags. Rinse the entire rack including all plugs and place frags into your tank.

Don't quite have a spot for your new additions yet, no problem, just remove the frag rack and place it in your aquarium until you find a home for everything. Then remove the rack, rinse and repeat.

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