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24" D-D POWER PRO Midday 24w T5 Lamp

Brief Description: The D-D POWER PRO Midday T5 lamps have a full 5 point spectrum and 5800K colour temperature which recreates natural sunlight and are suitable for salt water, fresh water, reef and fish only aquariums.
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Aquatic plants as well as corals in the upper reef zones have adapted to the entire light spectrum of sunlight. In natural environments, aquatic plants are almost exclusively found in well-lit and clear waters in very little depth (up to 2-3 m). As well, many coral species that are kept in aquariums are from shallower depths where the entire light spectrum of sunlight is still available. All visible light components are nearly equally passing through the water until a depth of about 6m. Therefore it is important to both, plants and corals to provide a light source which comes as close as possible to sunlight.

We recommend the POWERCHROME T-5 aquaflora to be used in conjunction with the POWERCHROME T-5 midday for freshwater and planted aquariums.

Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on D-D POWER PRO T-5 lamps. This is impressive proof of the outstanding quality of D-D POWER PRO T-5 lamps. D-D POWER PRO lamps are characterized by a long lifetime and highest colour stability. D-D POWER PRO T-5 lamps are of course produced only in modern production facilities in Germany.

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