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FloraMax Original [15 lbs]

Brief Description: Floramax™ - Reduce the need for laterite type supplements in planted aquaria. The bold look of Floramax™ helps bring out the colour of your aquarium fish, and makes your plants stand out as well. CaribSea works hard to give you natural looking substrates that not only perform, but also look beautiful.
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CaribSea FloraMax Planted Aquarium Substrate contains iron, magnesium, calcium and other elements to promote plant growth. The substrate helps maintain a natural, biological balance without raising the pH of the water. Help your aquarium plants flourish while maintaining an ideal environment with the CaribSea FloraMax Planted Aquarium Substrate. Iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other elements aid in plant growth, and the substrate helps convert fish waste into natural food for aquatic plants to maintain an optimum biological balance in your aquarium. The substrate will not raise the pH of the water, and the bold color helps bring out the color in your fish and help your plants stand out for a beautiful look.

Ideal for freshwater, planted aquariums
Contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other elements that provide optimum plant nutrition and promote growth
Macro-porosity helps to rapidly convert fish waste into natural food for plants and maintain an ideal biological balance
Uniform grading and porosity helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to plant roots
Bold look helps bring out the color of fish and makes your plants stand out
BioMagnet Clarifier is included to clear water quickly
Eliminates the need for laterite
Will not raise the pH
Use 1 – 2 lb. per gallon, or to a depth of at least 2"
Can be used for the entire substrate or can be mixed with other gravels

Typical Size: 3.0 - 6.0mm
Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot

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