Two Little Fishies CorAffix-Pro Adhesive Gel [295 mL]

Two Little Fishies CorAffix-Pro Adhesive Gel [295 mL]

Brief Description: Two Little Fishies CorAffix®Pro is 295 milli-liters of fast-curing, easy to use, ultra pure cyanoacrylate gel with a 2 year shelf life, and a pin cap to keep the tip from clogging.
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CorAffix Pro is an ethyl cyanoacrylate bonding compound with a thick gel consistency and lightning fast bonding. It is very easy to use for attaching frags of stony corals, zoanthids, and some soft corals to plugs or bases. Also great for Aquascaping. Bond forms underwater in 10 seconds. Shelf life is 2 years.

Available in a 295 ml bottle with easy to use, re-sealing pin cap.

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