CaribSea Super Naturals™ - Rio Grande [50 lbs] 1CaribSea Super Naturals™ - Rio Grande [50 lbs] 2

CaribSea Super Naturals™ - Rio Grande [50 lbs]

Brief Description: CaribSea pre-washed Super Naturals are designed with your success and ease of use in mind. Sizes and colors have been carefully selected to help you create a natural underwater environment. These inert products will not affect your ph or alkalinity, allowing you to adjust these important water quality parameters any way you wish.
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Sizes and colors were selected to re-create natural jungle environments
Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums with proper maintenance
Pre-washed, pH neutral & allows the beneficial bacteria to build colonies
Prevents reflections from the base of the aquarium from aggravating fish

Typical Size: 3.0 - 5.0mm
Average Density: 93 pounds per cubic foot

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