Reef Brite Aqua Viewer - Blue/White

Reef Brite Aqua Viewer - Blue/White

Brief Description: Concerned with pests or hitch hikers getting into your display tank? Highly acclaimed by Universities and Aquaculture facilities, the Reef Brite Aqua Viewer is a great tool for inspecting frags or new specimens. The Reef Brite Aqua Viewer is a portable LED Magnascope that enables portable on site examination for parasites, eggs, and diseases.
  • Product No. LIRB-RBAV100-BL/WH - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $71.99

Great for frag swaps, livestock purchases and detecting critters in live rock and live sand beds. Available with Blue or Red LED’s for fluorescent or night time viewing. Both models include white LED’s for general inspection of larger areas. Heavy duty canvas carrying case protects the Aqua Viewer when not in use. (Batteries required) not included.

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