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Coral Farmer Frag Saver

Brief Description: Would you like the flexibility to be able to move your frags around? To move them up higher in your tank as they adjust to the light? The Coral Farmer Frag Saver! will allow you to do that. Just place your standard round or square frag plug in the Frag Saver to keep it safe and move it as needed.
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Price: $8.91

Fits round or square frag plugs up to 1" across with stems up to 0.45" diameter.
Measures 2.25" x 2" x 1" high

More uses for the Coral Farmer Frag Saver!
Have you ever lost a frag in your sand bed?
Do your snails knock your frags over?
Don't want to permanently place a new frag?
Can't keep your new frags upright?
Can't drill and glue a frag plug to your rock?
Want to move frags and corals as they grow?
Frags fall into other corals and get stung?
Want to move corals up as they adjust to lights?

The solution... the Coral Farmer Frag Saver!

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