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Coral Farmer Round Frag Plugs [100 pk]

Brief Description: Releases far less phosphate than ceramic plugs!
  • Product No. PFCF-CFRFP100 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $38.99

Benefits include:
-pre-drilled hole for tagging or pricing frags
-unlike most ceramic plugs ours release minimal phosphate
-unique colour blends into rockscape
-ideal for sps, zoas, palys, chalice, acans, xenia and more
-made in Canada

7/8" diameter x 1" long long
-3/8" diameter post

Phosphate Released From Popular Brands of Frag Plugs:
Coral Farmer 11 PPB
Brand A Ceramic 19 PPB
Brand B Ceramic 227 PPB
Brand C Ceramic 568 PPB

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