CaribSea LifeRock Shapes - Arches, Rings and Tunnels [20 lbs] 1CaribSea LifeRock Shapes - Arches, Rings and Tunnels [20 lbs] 2

CaribSea LifeRock Shapes - Arches, Rings and Tunnels [20 lbs]

Brief Description: CaribSea LifeRock Shapes is man made and has of an artificial coating and texture that mimics natural coralline algae after being in the ocean for years. It is make from an aragonitic base rock, instead of the typical cement used by some other artificial rock creators. Every rock contains a network of micro and macro pores that intertwine within the rock's internal structure, creating the perfect environment for natural nitrifying bacteria.
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Every box of Shapes LifeRock contains a mixture of arches, rings, and tunnels giving you unique looking pieces that can be used on their own or as accents to the rest of the aquascape.

Pieces are unique. They will look similar to the pieces picture, but every box is different. The Shapes will have 4 pieces: One cave, 2 arches, and one ring. We guarantee every box is at least 20 pounds. We recommend 1 to 2 pounds of rock per gallon of aquarium water.

NOTE: This rock is fragile and may break in shipping. This is not covered by insurance so we are unable to replace broken pieces. Fortunately the rock can usually be glued back together without any noticeable signs of damage.

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