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ISTA CO2 Diffuser (3 in 1) V Shaped [Large]

Brief Description: This 3-in-1 Compact V-Shaped CO2 Diffuser performs as a CO2 bubble counter, check valve, and a diffuser - three functions in one! As a diffuser it enhances the contact time between carbon dioxide and your aquariums water, ensuring effective supplementation. As a bubbler, the transparent acrylic body allows you to easily monitor the dosing rate of CO2 into your aquarium. Plus, the stainless steel check valve effectively prevents back flow and siphoning!
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The unique V-shape design of this 3-in-1 diffuser prevents the CO2 pipe from being bent. Specialized ceramic is used to ensure proper diffusion regardless of CO2 flow rate, is very easily cleaned, and simple to replace! Long-lasting silicon suction cups are provided to keep the diffuser firmly in place.

3 functions in 1 product
Ceramic diffuser assures the best diffusing effect.
Check Valve effectively prevents backflow.
Clear bubble reading provides accurate CO2 dosing.
Made with acrylic assures long usage time.
Compact size, easy assembling

Disassemble the top cover and take off the ceramic, fill with water than assemble back the ceramic and cover.
Connect the CO2 pipe with inlet. Allow the diffuser to sit for 24 hours then the bubble trooping will disappear.

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Leaked a ton of CO2 around the sides in large bubbles - had to pull it after it drained my 5LB bottle.

Rated by Crispin M. from Victoria
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