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ISTA Snail Trap

Brief Description: Reduce the population of snails in your aquarium with the Ista Snail Trap! This handy device allows you to lure and remove snails quickly and easily without the use of harmful chemicals. This unique trap includes bait to attract the snails into the center of the tool, at which time it can be easily pulled out along with all the snails! It also features an air hole design and fishing line, enabling the snail trap to sink to the bottom, and be pulled out easily and quickly!
  • Product No. NEIS-00557 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $8.43

Helps to manage the population of snails in your aquarium
Lures and captures snails without using harmful chemicals
Includes bait, air holes, and fishing line for easy, quick use!

Open the top cover to tie the fishing line with the air holes for easy dry removal.
Put the bait into the center and cover with top cover.
Put the trap into the bottom of your tank vertically.
Pull the fishing line to remove snails.

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