Aquaforest Freshwater Carbon [500 mL]

Aquaforest Freshwater Carbon [500 mL]

Brief Description: High quality activated carbon granulate. Removes undesirable chemicals in aquariums, thus improving clarity of water. Recommended use of AF Carbon is only temporarily and for a short time, e.g. after treatment of fish, in the case of undesired residue in the tank or in the process of maturation of the aquarium. Thanks to the specially steam activated carbon, AF Carbon does not contain phosphate, is porous and, therefore, has a higher absorption capacity.
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Place in filter basket for 72 hours. After recommended time remove from the basket. Up to 600 l. We do not recommend the use of AF Carbon permanently as it may remove necessary elements from the water. Only for aquatic purposes. Keep in a cool place away from light and children.

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