Double Seaweed Clips [2 per pkg]

Double Seaweed Clips [2 per pkg]

Brief Description: Holds the seaweed underwater for the fish to feed upon and helps promote a very natural feeding by allowing fish to pick at the food, little by little, over an extended period of time. They have a suction cup for attachment to the inside surface of glass or acrylic aquariums.
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  • An excellent tool for feeding Seaweed Selects™, a dried macroalgae supplement from Ocean Nutrition™.
  • Designed for underwater use and has a suction cup for attachment to the inside surface of the aquarium glass or acrylic.
  • Holds pieces of seaweed for fish to graze on and helps promote a natural feeding behavior.
  • Has a stronger grip and a wider gripping surface than similar clips sold in the aquarium industry.

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