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API Rena FilStar Super Activated Carbon [1-Pouch]

Brief Description: Canister filter media designed to fit the Rena FilStar XP. The API Super Activated Carbon effectively removes most dissolved organics, odors, colors, toxins, medications and other pollutants from tank water. The premium grade size 6 carbon pieces feature an optimal pore structure and a large surface area for a better absorption rate than standard carbon.
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The highest grade of activated carbon made especially for filtering aquarium water. It has 5 times the adsorptive power of standard charcoal. Super Activated Carbon removes dissolved organic waste that stresses tropical fish and discolors aquarium water - for fresh and salt water:

Manufactured specifically for aquarium use
Removes dissolved organics, odors, colors, toxins, medications and much more
Will not raise phosphate levels in the aquarium
Will not affect pH
Safe and effective for all types of aquariums, even sensitive reef systems

Directions for use in RENA® FilStar Filters:
Remove Super Activated Carbon pouch from plastic bag.
DO NOT open Super Activated Carbon pouch. One 285 g pouch should be used for every 55 U.S. gallons (208 L) of aquarium water.
It is important to rinse Super Activated Carbon pouch under tap water to remove any dust. The rinse water does not have to run completely clear.
Place filter pouch directly in FilStar filtration basket after (above) filter foams.
Replace pouch every 1 to 3 months, depending on stocking density and water quality.

Use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Test Kits to monitor water quality weekly. Super Activated Carbon is designed for use with all Filstar filtration media.

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