FilStar BIO-Chem Stars [20 Ct]

FilStar BIO-Chem Stars [20 Ct]

Brief Description: Bio-Chem Stars are a biological filtration medium that provides a substrate for the optimal growth of beneficial bacteria. Their internal pore structure is formed under a patented process that creates a 50-70 micron internal pore network. This pore size is optimal for the growth of beneficial bacteria, including nitrifying bacteria that remove toxic ammonia and nitrite.
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  • Biological filtration medium provides a substrate for the optimal growth of beneficial bacteria.

  • Provides more growing area than plastic balls, foams or undergravel filters

  • Advanced polymer material has optimal pore size for maximum oxygen and water transfer

  • Grows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria.

  • 20 stars support up to a 379 L (100 U.S. gallon) aquarium

  • Directions for use in Rena FilStar Filters:

  • Remove Bio-Chem Stars from plastic bag and rinse thoroughly to remove any dust.

  • Place Bio-Chem Stars in the last (top) compartment in the FilStar filter.

  • Bio-Chem Stars will become colonized by bacteria within several weeks.

  • Because Bio-Chem Stars do not break down or clog, they may be used indefinitely. Continuous water flow is necessary to maintain living colonies of bacteria.

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