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Quaker Parrot, The Guide to

Item Number:  BDBO-0176-5 - Orders Shipped Weekly.

Description:  The Quaker parrot is a favorite among bird owners because of its endearing personality and its facility for human speech. The new, updated edition of this popular book provides expert advice on Quaker parrot behavior training, grooming, diet, cages, toys, and protecting the inquisitive Quaker parrot from household accidents. The author, a widely recognized expert on parrots, emphasizes the importance of reinforcing desirable behavior and instructs on sensitively replacing undesirable ones, such as excessive noisemaking, biting, and feather destruction issues. She also discusses newly identified anatomical features and recovering escaped birds, and presents background information on Quaker parrots in their native ranges and newly-acquired naturalized status. Filled with color photos and instructive illustrations.

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