ClearGuard Pond Filter 2700 w/9w UV

ClearGuard Pond Filter 2700 w/9w UV

Brief Description: The Pondmaster Clearguard Filters provide 7 different functions to keep your pond running smoothly and efficiently. The filter utilizes mechanical and biological filter media along with an internal ultraviolet sterilizer to keep your water clean and crystal clear. Included is a reusable filter pad to help remove fine debris, uneaten food and waste.
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Versatile with 7 Functions: Filter, backwash, Rinse, Winterize, Empty, Circulate, and Close
  • Reusable Pad Removes Fine Debris and polishes Water Fast!
  • Combination of biological & Mechanical Media for Maximum Water Clarity and Healthier Ponds!
  • Available With or Without UV Clarifier
  • Separate UV Clarifiers are offered in 9W and 18W sizes Can be used for Replacement and upgrading
  • Includes bOTH Slip and barbed Fittings
  • Use with the Clearguard backwash air Kit for the Ultimate backwash performance!
  • 2700 Gallon Capacity, with UV Light
  • Fittings: 1½” Slip & Barb
  • Recommended Water Pumps: up to 3000 GPH
  • Maximum Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Backwash Air Kit Needed: SMALL

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