Clear Water Barley Straw [2 pk Small Size] - Treats up to 1000 gallons
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Clear Water Barley Straw [2 pk Small Size] - Treats up to 1000 gallons

Brief Description: Clear up a cloudy pond with Clear-Water Barley Bales. These natural water-clarifying mini-bales reduce particles and odors that cause pond cloudiness.
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  • Instructions For Use:

    • Calculate approximate water content of pond...Formula: Length x Width x Depth (in feet). Multiply total by 7.5 to give volume in gallons.

    • Determine how many mini bale(s) are required to treat pond. (These mini bales treat up to 1000 gallons)

    • Place mini bale on the surface of the pond, (cork float included) preferably near a waterfall or filter outlet. Do not allow mini bales to sink to the bottom of the pond. If bale sinks, remove from the pond for 24 hours to dry and then put it back.

    • Allow one month for the mini bale to become effective.

    • Replace each mini bale after six months of use. After five months, place new bale next to the old one and then remove the oldest one at six months.

    • For best results keep the barley straw mini bale floating in the pond year round.

    • Algae Control with Barley Straw article

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