Pure Flo 100 Micron Filter Pad [12 in. x 18 in.]

Pure Flo 100 Micron Filter Pad [12 in. x 18 in.]

Brief Description: A highly-efficient method of removing smaller debris and particulate matter to make aquariums sparkling-clean and crystal-clear. These filter pads are rugged, machine-washable and reusable.
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  • The 100 Micron Pure-Flo filter pad offers a highly-efficient method for removing debris and particulate matter to make aquarium or pond water sparkling-clean and crystal-clear. The pad allows selective passage of beneficial microbes to maintain and perpetuate a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Made from sanitized polyester, Pure-Flo filter pads are rugged, machine-washable, 100% reusable and can be cut to fit any mechanical filter application.

  • Pure-Flo filter pads are so efficient at trapping debris and particles that regular cleaning is necessary. Generally, cleaning can be achieved by thoroughly rinsing filter pads with water. Rinse repeatedly until the water runs clear. Occasionally, it may be necessary to soak filter pad in a 5% bleach solution for 24 hours. After soaking in bleach, rinse thoroughly in fresh water until bleach smell is gone. Allow to dry after rinsing.

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